RX100 or M43?

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IT depends

It depends, RX100 is a lot more pocketable and gives IQ quite on par with most m4/3 cameras if your using them with just the slower kit zoom.

HOWEVER, RX100 is no EM-5, and while its got a nice enough lens, it certainly can't match m4/3 when you start adding lenses like the 25mm f1.4 etc.  Thing is though thats a $1000 camera and a $600 lens

I had about $3000 sunk into my m4/3 gear and while it took very nice images, I often didn't take many pictures with it because it was too much to carry.  Had to take a shoulder bag with me as it just wasn't pocketable.

To each his own based on how much they want to carry all the time, but I'm happier with a camera I can just slip into my pocket for day to day shooting, and when its a real assignment, I take my DSLR's.

Really too, when it comes to just casual snapshots, for me it was rather overkill to need the m4/3 camera.  Honestly my iPHone works well enough for most of my needs as I usually just post stuff online etc.

It really came down to I felt like I was wasting money having this EM-5 system gathering dust and thousands worth of glass I was only using to take frankly worthless snapshots on walks etc.

Again, to each his own, but you've got to ask yourself what do you really do with all those lens if not just post images on photo forums to show them off ?

After the "hey guys, look how sharp this is and how creamy the bokeh is" its like whats the point.....  What do I do with all these silly images of mailboxes and lord knows what else I snapped while on a walk ?

If your like me, nothing.  THey sit and take up space on the HD and thats about it, so why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to do that ?

So I sold it all off, bought a RX100, which I find I take with me more often and that has image quality that more than meets my needs, and it was affordable enough that I don't feel I need to justify owning it during times when I'm not shooting many images.

Basically everything I could want in a camera for my casual shooting needs.  Mind you I've got tons of DSLR gear though for my business so should I need more camera for something casual, such as a family porrait etc, I do have other tools to use, so RX100 isn't meant to be my only camera and do it all.

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