Fuji XF1 Additional Sample Photos - Outdoors incl Effects

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Re: Slightly more than a gimmick, not much

Camp Freddy wrote:

Mark, thanks again !

This is not too bad for an in camera effect (focus 3 effect is it called, the merge?) for a small camera actually. It will at least make for faster magic selects if you do want to work up the image for a nicer bokeh. It'll be the new instagram for mobiles any day soon!

Is there in camera colour, WB, contrast and sharpeness adjustability?

Yes - it pretty much has all the same stuff that the X100 has in that regard; you have WB settings including Kelvin and custom (though, just like the X100, no "flash" WB! What's up with that!) you got WB shift mode as well (for fine tuning WB settings), colour, sharpness, highlight tone, shadow tone, noise reduction (from soft, med soft to hard). It I guess contrast is controlled thru the shadow, highlight tone.

I agree that with you that a camera like this should be used to spit out acceptable JPEGS, and people shouldn't expect all the factors or size, focal legnth spectrum, DR to be realtive to size and price and that you take it places or have it on you when you wouldn't take an DSLR with probably two lenses to get the sub f3 stops.]

Yeah - not expecting this to be dSLR like, and then seeing the output it does provide makes it a happy camera to own, because it is certainly performing much better than previous P&S cameras I've used.

It ain't a Leica M.--

That, it is not, but you know what? Tune/tweak this camera to be a good B&W shooter, with Fuji's excellent JPG engine, and the results, while not with the big sensor DoF of the Leica Monochrom has, still produces pretty amazing B&W results. The colour's pretty good too! (except, as I've previously mentioned, a very slight magenta shift in reds).

I use my X100 almost 100% exclusively as a B&W street photography camera, and I absolutely love the results from the X100.

X100 shot, tweaked a bit in LR (vignette).

The XF1 won't be able to do this kind of shot because of the shallow DoF, but I do think it could come reasonably close. Once we have another walkabout day in Vancouver, I'm going to give it a try in B&W only mode.


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