7D file numbering bug?

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Re: 7D file numbering bug?

Dale Buhanan wrote:

Since you changed it to AdobeRGB you may not be aware that for general use, that will give you lifeless looking photos. It is true that the color gamut of adobeRGB is higher than regular sRGB, but only if the full processing pipeline is adobe RGB.

If your monitor is RGB (which it probably is) and your printer is RGB, then the extra gamut of adobe RGB gets clipped and the picture does not look nearly as good as if all color information is mapped to RGB. Most of us, excepting some professionals who go into professional houses, use sRGB.

My own experiments wth adobe have been fairly dismal. You will likely want to put it back to where it was by camera default to sRGB.

I mostly use sRGB with IMG_ files. Only once did I need the Adobe RGB, the customer wanted/needed CMYK files. Adobe created the aRGB in 1998 to cover all the colors possible by CMYK printers.

Today, many photo inkjet printers like the new Canon Pro 100 or the Pro 1 or the Epson R3000 do support Adobe RGB profiles with their 16 bit drivers.

Lightroom 4, Photoshop CS., Elements 11, and many other processing software support soft-proofing to preview what the final image will look like when "outputing" (is this a real word) to whatever device.


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