Ming Thein thinks "D800 is obsolete"...

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Re: Two examples

John M Roberts wrote:

Zardoz wrote:

Hey bro,

You're wasting your time with this guy. Add him to your ignore list and move on with your life.

It is obvious that GroWeb is smart enough to determine if he is wasting his time. I appreciated the exchange.

Thanks John, I appreciate the appreciation. By the way, both you and Theodoros (and anyone else) may feel free to call me by my name, which is Glen.

Zardoz, before you go writing Theodoros off as not worth anyone's time, take a look at the interaction between him and John further down this thread (starting with a response John posted about six hours ago under the heading "Re: Poverty stricken to satisfy creativity?"). It is just one example that clearly demonstrates that Theodoros is a man who thinks deeply about photography, has a significant amount of experience to share, and is entirely capable of interacting in a polite and civil manner. He appears to have a low tolerance for strong disagreement, especially when it is rudely presented, and he is perhaps easily incited to anger. But that just makes him human, and definitely not worthy of writing off. What I observe is that he responds very well to politeness and respect from others, even when it includes criticism of things he has said. There are a few people besides Theodoros participating in this thread (I am not naming anyone in particular) who could benefit themselves and this forum by looking at their own behaviour and how it contributes to the negativity that interferes with the possible enjoyment and expansion of understanding that threads like this one could provide.

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