Portrait with dreamy effects ??

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Re: Portrait with dreamy effects ??

jbf wrote:

Dunloveme wrote:

William DIllard wrote:

I hope someone answers your good question soon. I think it is a combination of Picture Styles one gets in Digtal Photo Professional the raw processor and then toned with something like Color Efex Pro but like you I would like to know for sure !

thanks William,

Much appreciated, i will try your way and then let you knw the final result : )

the following picture is the best i can get :

1) Enhanced color in DPP

2) Create new layer

3) use soft brush to fill in some colors (eg blue, orange, white)

4) change the layer blending mode to Ligthten

5) Reduce the Black color Neutral in Color selective adjustment layer

Please advice, Thank You

Here's my attempt at copying the style below. I'll qualify my attempt as follows:

  • I've never attempted to create this style.
  • I only had about 15 minutes to play.
  • My editor is a free version of PS Elements.
  • I started with the small jpeg posted.

So it's not as good as the image below, I know. I did learn some things in the attempt. First, here's roughly what I did:

  • Color layer for the yellowish cast with some masking to maintain some of the distinct colors.
  • Hue/Sat layer: increased saturation as well lightness for dreamy effect with some masking. I tried messing with the contrast, but the hue/sat lightness slider comes much closer.
  • Added a vignette which doesn't look great. The other sample in the original post has more of a vignette than the one below.
  • Smoothed the skin to remove the shadows. This is a noticeable difference between the original of this image and the sample image.
  • Very slightly darkened and adjusted hue in a few places to make them pop like in sample.
  • Blurred background to simulate depth of field.

There's obviously more to getting the dreamy effect than just adjusting the hue/sat lightness slider. Removing all shadows from the skin has more of an effect than I thought it would, even in my quick attempt. Bringing back some richness (lost during the creation of the dreamy effect) in the hair, the framing elements in the background, and some of the other areas with color keeps the image from looking completely washed out and draws the eye to the desired locations.

I like the effect as well. Thanks for posting the topic. I hope this helps a little,



The above image getting more dreamy feel after removed shadow on skin.

very nice PP, i wanna give it a try

> photo filter > blending mode : overlay - also can create vintage colors

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