Is forum interest waning?

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Diminishing Returns at the Cutting Edge

Although I use Canon 5 and 7Ds with various L lenses, I seldom visit the Canon forums where there is far too much hand wringing over camera specifications and capabilities that will, for most of the worriers, never be put to a practical test. It's amusing to see how many posters seem bent on dumping a massive investments in bodies and glass because a Sony sensor may pull a bit more shadow detail or promise a nudge in resolution. For me, the obsolescence cycle moves at a slower pace than for those who must keep up with the cutting edge.

My first digital camera was a Minolta A1, followed by the updated KM A2. The manual zoom was a delight as were the plethora of controls, all of which took time to master. Getting the most out of the 2/3" CCD sensor was a challenge I happily accepted. I joined this forum because the FZ200 seemed like a worthy successor to the A2. From what I can tell, it provides at least a couple of  stops of useable ISO but, like the A2, requires an ability to understand light and read a histogram to achieve maximum dynamic range. Likewise the small sensor camera demands care in composition and framing to avoid distracting in-focus background clutter.

I have found this site useful in getting some feedback on the FZ200's real world capabilities (although some seem to be already holding out for a lower noise FZ250). It seems to be a very capable carry-around camera but I am holding out until I see a more critical review of video performance.


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