Monticello- Home to Thomas Jefferson

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Re: Monticello- Home to Thomas Jefferson

DaveOl wrote:

Is it that bad that there are no comments?

This forum doesn't get much traffic, so don't worry about not getting comments right away.  My take on both of the photos you posted is that they are good travel photos of a historic building that doesn't get photographed as much as other landmarks, so in that respect they're interesting to see and I'm glad you posted them.

From a more critical point of view, there are some things that are limiting their impact artistically.  The first one you posted has some good compositional aspects like the curved dirt road leading to the building and the trees framing it.  On the downside, the building is relatively small in the frame.  There's too much lawn and flat, blue sky.  The workers distract from the subject, and the fact that the building is centered in the frame makes it less visually dynamic than it could be.  Also, the lighting is harsh and lacks drama.

The second photo is slightly tilted.  More significantly, the building is hidden in shadows.  Also, the signature dome isn't visible.  The people posing make it of specific interest to those involved but make it less interesting to the average viewer.  Both photos appear a little distorted from the panorama mode shooting.

I like the idea of creating a panorama for this scene.  From what you said, I believe you used a panorama mode feature on your camera.  Is there any reason why you didn't take multiple shots and create a stitched panorama in post processing?  If you're asking if that has potential to work better, the answer is yes.  And if you're considering taking multiple photos and stitching them together, the lighting at the time you took these shots would benefit from some hdr work, so taking multiple exposures would help as well.

It's a difficult shooting situation to make an image worthy of hanging on a wall (if that was the goal) given the lighting and the people working around the building.  At a minimum, you've got some good memories from the day.

Hope this helps,


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