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Re: You should run your own fade tests....

apaflo wrote:

Uncontrolled non scientific testing is all fun and wonderful, but not reliable.

Show any testing or evidence otherwise that is not anecdotal in nature, and we can have meaningful discussion.

Do consider the science of relative testing: Two or more items to be tested are placed in identical environmental conditions. KISS!  Select Print media from the same box or batch

Same printer   Same day

Select an ink   Purge Printer

Now print your test images on each selected print media

Next, select a different ink, purge printer and repeat printing of your test images on each selected print media

Repeat the test for ALL your ink choices.

Next, place the print sets in your chosen environment(s):

1: Facing the Sun light, indoors or outside

2: Indoors with normal home lighting without direct sunlight

3: Anything else--Moonlight?

This protocols permits the direct comparison between selected products and mixed parameters on an equal basis. Whether or not your 'eyeballs' are calibrated there will be little difficulty in determining which product exhibits  greater or less fading--again a relative view!

Now, apaflo, bring on your intelligent discussion instead of your persistent anecdotes!!

irv weiner

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