What's the deal with the 14mm?

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Re: 14mm is awfully wide for a group portrait....

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I love the 14 for it's size and versatility -- for me, 28mm works for alot of my needs as a go-to set-up (with my OMD). I had the 12 and sold it -- it was great but maybe I didn't know how to use the 24mm at that time and it was too expensive to keep and it wasn't compact. I find that I always need 1 very compact set-up so ease of carry. I bought the 14 from the bay like many have mentioned and it's the real deal (but without warranty). For about $180, it's worth every purple fringing penny. There's a blogger that shows how the 14 shines: phototravelasia.blogspot.com.

Thanks for all of the feedback. I plan on using the lens for portraits. I have the 45 1.8 for individual portraits, but I thought the 14 would be good for family shots. I actually don't have a kit zoom. I sold my E-3 and 12-60 and picked up the OMD, 45 1.8, and HLD-6. Anyone have any group portraits shot with the 14mm?

unless you are talking about the church chior! TEdolph

14mm too wide for family shots? Believe me, I'd rather get the 25mm 1.4, but the price is killing me. Actually, I'm selling some more gear and getting the 60mm 2.8 Macro...wish I could get that AND the 25mm.

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