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Re: Is Novaflex better?


I have a lot of Novoflex gear - it is well made and reliable. I especially like their button-type tripod mounts which are small enough to be left on-camera and very quick release.  I also like their magic-ball tripod head - excellent.

My one venture into Novoflex adapters was the PL->NX adapter for Samsung.  This is well enough made and actually has a lever-operated aperture control for auto-PK lenses without aperture rings.  The scale is not graduated and the lever imprecise, but it does  work.  Howeevr my example came anodised in Novoflex-blue finish.  This looks great on tripod mounts but decidedly odd on a lens adapter.  It also is a bit "mechanical" in look and not a camera-type finish in plain anodised aluminium.  On the other hand a FD->LM adapter from RJ fitted to a Canon lens looks almost as if it were  part of the lens itself.

I think that you must have a faulty RJ adapter - mine have given me no trouble so you must just have a bad one.

Using contrast peaking assist does not work as well when there is little contrast.  I have found myself having difficulty in getting precise focus and have tried adjusting the EV control to change the exposure and enhance contrast for the purpose of accurate focus.  This can often help.  You can change the EV back to the desired setting easily enough before capture.

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