Any choice besides Epson 3880?

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Re: Any choice besides Epson 3880?

I was faced with the same issue just as the Epson R3000 was introduced and was persuaded to go for the 3880 by a friend who had been using one for a year.

He and I believed that the quantity of ink supplied with a new 3880 brought the cost down towards the 3000. I am sure we were correct in this and the long term savings in buying ink in the larger cartridges has proved the point. For us the extra cost of the Epson inks over 3rd party has been worth it for the convenience, colour accuracy and reliability. We have no experience of 3rd party inks so they may be just as good in this printer. Bottom line is it just works perfectly and neither of us has had carry out a nozzel check or clean in almost four years of use.

With regard to monochrome printing, again first class. I was a darkroom worker for over 40 years, my first job was in a professional darkroom in 1959!!! With the purchase of the 3880 I was immediatly able to print in true monochrome without unwanted colour cast and match at least my best efforts with silver image prints. I recently reprinted some of my old large prints and compared them to my new digital prints, I believe the print quality in most cases was probably better than the originals. (Scanned from negative with Epson V700, Rollieflex and Nikon SLR)

I also have friends with the Epson R3000 and they can also produce excellent monochrome prints, however one has a continous ink system installed from a very reputable supplier and only this week has experienced air locks and used the equivelent of several cartridges of ink to sort it out.

I use the 3880 mainly for A3 and A4 prints but find it also easy to use with small paper sizes if you need to and of course the occasional, for me,A2

Yes I think the 3880 is a very good piece of kit and will still be the same if it is replaced by a new model.

Hope this helps

John B. North Wales. UK

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