need advice on new camera

Started Nov 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
gregf2as Regular Member • Posts: 248
Re: need advice on new camera

hi gordon  , i suggest a nikon d5100 and 18mm to 105mm lens  or d3200 camera with same lens

or spring for  a d7000 and 18mm to 105 mm lens and get a  lowenpro or tamrac bag to hold the camera and extra lenses because you will expand your system  once you pick out your camera ,   refurbs are nice with  a warranty  and prices lower too  you can try e bay  and some

of the reputable  camera stores  ,but if you going to spend about a 1000 dollars i would go for the  nikon d 7000 with  18mm -105 mm lens  thats my opinion ok   and i`m very happy with my

d7000   good luck in your choice    hope i helped  gjr

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