New system - which?

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New system - which?


I bought a Pentax Kx over four years ago as my first ever camera to take pictures of our first child. I had never been any interested in taking pictures before, and to my surprise I found great joy in learning the camera and the art of composition.

Over the following two years I bought some cheap old manual primes and it gave me great pleasure to learn the basics of exposure, lights, focus and everything else. However I started realizing as my boy grew older and a little brother was born that I more and more left my camera at home as I really couldn't bring the camera bag along with all the other stuff needed for two children. First I bought a used 18-250mm hoping this would help but the camera stayed at home even so. When the mirrorless cameras started to be really good I looked at it but I didn't like the picture quality compared to the Kx, and shooting more and more fast-moving boys I didn't like the speed of the contrast autofocus systems of the first generations of MLCs. However when the Nikon 1 system arrived I saw something I liked and I bought the J1 and sold the Kx. And I must say that I was truly impressed by the metering and autofocus of this camera. It didn't miss one single shot outdoors, and the colors where great (I shoot 99% jpeg, can't seem to find the time to achieve better result by pp). Indoor (and other low light situations) I was not so overwhelmed. I tend to use most Aperture control and the camera consequently used low shutter speeds to keep the iso down in autoiso, and there was no way of setting a minimum shutter speed. This ment that I had to change to S and this is where the real problem was. The menus and control options are horrible!!! No PASM, no Fn button no nothing. So even though the camera was perfect outdoor I couldn't see my self committing to this system. So I sold it and bought a Sony Rx100 in stead. And with this camera I really can't find any thing to pick on. It's fast, sharp, creates excellent jpeg and has great menus and control. But any how it doesn't give me the same feeling and joy my Kx did. I find myself missing the viewfinder, the changing of lenses, the built-in raw-converter and it is simply not so satisfying to shoot with (can't really explain it, but it just doesn't feel right).

So I have decided that I would like to buy my self a new system camera, and keep my Rx100 as a second camera. I have read ALOT of reviews and think I have narrowed it down to either the X-E1 or the E-M5, but I have some questions I hope someone can help answer to help me decide. Unfortunate there are no camerastores nearby so I must buy without actually seeing the products.

Here are my questions:

Is the better Iso of the fuji good enough to make up for the lack of ibis?

How is the handling of the cameras compared to each other (and Pentax if known)?

Is the speed of the fuji good enough for shooting moving children?

Is the built in picture adjustments any different?

Is there any difference in evf lag?

Is there any difference in manual cheap lens availability? Any recommended lenses?

And finally, which speaks to both mind and heart the most?

Hope someone can help push me in the right direction, and I am also open for other options. But I do not have much funding so I cant afford the most expensive systems.

Fujifilm X-E1 Nikon 1 J1 Pentax K-x Sony RX100
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