Happy New Owner Of the RX100

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Re: Happy New Owner Of the RX100

Jerry Stevens wrote:

Interesting positive response as a NEX-7 owner. A smaller package doing an equivalent job always is a delight to gadget lovers—like I am. I always love small, for convenience and many other reasons. i would spring for an RX100, but honestly, the price is a tad over my amateur photography avocational pursuits. So, I covet all these positive impression posts from users of other Sony devices on the RX100.

I secretly would love to contemplate sacrificing some super zoom capability in the HX series to get this impressively performing sensor into the slightly larger profile of the HX super zoom genre.

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Jerry (Gerald L. Stevens)


I like my NEX-7, I think it is a real nice camera. But after many online ads about the RX100 and so many people giving it praises in video reviews, and also in reviews around B&H and Amazon.com, I just had to get myself one to see what all the fuss was about.

Honestly, I now see why this camera gets so much positive reviews.

Don't get me wrong, I am well aware that it is not as capable as the NEX-7 as far as dynamic range, overall image quality (pixel peeping), controls, interchangeable lenses, etc.....but for MY needs, and with the real nice fast lens this little RX100 has (with macro ability and zoom ability), it is beyond amazing.

Like I said, I took some shots yesterday afternoon with each inside my house to do some comparisons. I took some close ups of my dogs, a few of some plants in the backyard....then when I looked at the results on my iMac, I could barely tell the difference from each. Even at the higher ISO's.

What Sony has done with the RX100 is truly incredible. I'm in awe. It is such a SUPER small camera, but what it output is truly remarkable. Real nice image quality (I would say on par with an entry level DSLR), and the video capabilities ranks among the best, IMO.

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