need advice on new camera

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My brain just derped

Sorry, I missed that this is for someone else. I have been really slow all day today.

I have a D3100 with the 55-300 and 18-55 as a kit. Also have a 50mm AIS and a 105 AIS. The 55-300 is too long for many situations although I like longer focal lengths and tend to use it all the time when outdoor, but many situations call for wider.

I have heard the 18-105 is an excellent lens though have no personal experience with it. the 18-55 is fine and really cheap so it is a very cost effective way to get more range when paired with 55-300.

As for camera, Depending on the person's enthusiasm, I would go with a D5100 or a D7000. If MP really matters to them a D3200 is fine too, but the articulated screen on the D5100 and some minor FW features may make it about even. The D3100, 3200, 5100 are basically the same body and AF with different sensors, I would skip over the D3100 (not that it is bad, but the value is better in the D5100 and D3200).

If I had to start all over again, I would have bought a D7000 when I first got my camera, but not having a clue I went with the safest (cheapest) bet. I am not regretting it but am definitely looking forward to upgrading.

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