Why have they not done it yet? Maybe its coming?

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Re: not much point

Arn wrote:

photopaque wrote:

What with all the praise the 30mm F2 gets i wonder if Samsung has any intention of making a premium compact with fitted 30m f2 lens to take on x100 or the new sony one thats coming out.

Dont get me wrong i love my nx with all its lenses but i wonder if they ever thought about it.

I really don't see much point in a camera like that, because you can just stick the 30/2 to the NX200 or NX20 and go with that. It wouldn't get much better, if the lens was glued in, but it would get more expensive and you would be unable to use other lenses...

I wish that instead of gimmicks (like Android OS in a camera) Samsung would concentrate on making the cameras more reliable, faster to use in actual photography and bug free.

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true. it's pretty much pointless to create such camera if the NX200 + 30mm combo is compact enough and could produce high quality pictures.  the next step for samsung is to build a better sensor than the NX200.

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