Nikon D5200 to be announced

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Re: Nikon D5200 to be announced

pixd90 wrote:

pinkydeh wrote:

disappointed tht's all i have to say. i looking for d400 for a whole year. the d5100 only came out last year

totally agree, can not see going with d7000 2 year old technology, no matter how good it is. Will then feel remoresful in a few months when the D400 comes out.

You are going to get a new sensor and that is going to be it. But it won't be a $1000. Most likely $500 or more if D400 is going to be like D300 with pro-body. D7000 was around $1400 back then at introduction. Nikon withh sell a lot of D7000 once the new model with higher price is introduced.

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