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Re: Do you want a good laugh

I read the first thread and then viewed the third as I figured the 2nd was just more of the same.

You are right some take it very seriously, and why not. For some folk the ranking and feed back from these challenges can tell you if the type or style of photography you do appeals to a wider audience.

For someone considering doing photography as an income earner ( or potential earner) these challenges both here and at other major photography sites is a good way of being able to assess the possible market for ones work.

One of the reasons that major photography competitions are entered by people is to gain exposure that isn't always possible from local galleries. I entered 4 sections of the latest Nikon NZ competition here. 1st place got $6000 worth of Canon Pro gear as well as continued exposure in the country's top ranked photography magazine. Thats something most amateurs would love to have.

On occasion I have entered these competitions, recently for a national farming calender for 2013, and seen the winner go to (in my opinion) a mediocre entry that had been heavily photo shopped even though this wasn't allowed in the competition. To me that is cheating and negates everything you try to achieve in what you submit. I don't mind being beaten on technical issues, or composition, or even subject. I do however take great exception to people who win who have clearly ignored or broken the rules. If it was just me I would have said oh well next time, but when I see many of the other entrants also comment then clearly there is a problem.

In the thread you site, the original accuser neglected to stop and think and justly or unjustly accused the authors of the two images of being a cheat. No real substantiation was given other than a bit of rather contentious detective work. Had it not occurred to him/her that there may be two family members in the house with a D3000 and a D3100? Had it not occurred to him/her that they may have shared the services of a willing model? Had it not occurred to him/her that there can be more than one individual per household that likes photography, is competitive and likes to get some feed back?

Perhaps RaptorUK may have grounds for argument that the author was a cheat if the images had taken 1st &  2nd place. Perhaps then you would have had some reason to consider that something was amiss.

At the end of the day all I can say is you better have a bloody good reason to accuse someone of cheating, and have some pretty solid evidence to back it up, otherwise put up & shut up.

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