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Re: hopefully clarification

sensibill wrote:

Because while the camera is indeed making changes, that's a constant and valid as a baseline for the camera. That is, unless you have adjustable RAW NR as a setting in camera. I'm assuming the A65/77 don't have such a toggle feature.

IMHO saying you can eradicate noise with sufficient processing is not good as a baseline performance gauge insofar as image quality after individual processing (not pixel equalizing) is like adjusting 0-60 results after tweaking the engine of one of the two cars with high test gas, high flow air filter, etc. It may not be an expensive or long process but it's skewing the results.

That's why I say you have to start somewhere, and that place is OOC RAW according to DxO, Imatest, DPR, etc... And since 'default' exporter settings aren't generating the chroma noise in these 24MP files, it's not valid IMHO to factor in their removal since NR is a lossy process. Follow me?

It's perfectly valid to say chroma noise is easy to remove, sure. I agree on that 100%. As I've said, my NX200 had very easily removed chroma, in fact I think it was easier and 'finer' than the A65/77 but that's another topic, I'd suppose. But whether these three cameras A57/65/77 are 'identical' in terms of noise and color performance, I strongly disagree. Whether you can get VERY GOOD results out of the latter two and close enough to the 16MP to satisfy some or many? Definitely.

Maybe that clarifies my stance a bit. Hope so. I prefer discussion over dispute...

It actually does. When confronted about your position that OOC comparisons are the gold standard you backpedal and specifically say that OOC comparisons are only one part of the big picture, and then you turn right around and write 4 paragraphs above discrediting all other comparisons except OOC which reaffirms your position that OOC comparisons are the gold standard without specifically saying so.

I find it frustrating to discuss these things with you because, whether you notice it or not, you keep saying one thing but meaning another.

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