A99 iso6400 helps stop action!

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Re: Camera jpg for you

dennismullen wrote:

MartinMP wrote:

I would expect this sort of high iso performance from jpegs straight out of the camera, if A99 is supposed to be sport shooting camera at Canikon sport cameras level... So for me, it is rather disappointing, that you had to push so much effort (layers, different NR for different areas of pictures etc.) to get these pics.

Well, from my point of view, I can't understand why you would accept out of camera pictures without tweaking them. I didn't spend a lot of time editing these. I shot Raw + jpg and here is a resized jpg. I had the in camera NR turned off.


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...tweak images in post process requires time and energy. As sport shooter one can found itself in situation when 1) does not have any time for post processing at all, or 2) has some time, but wants to spend it on other things than eliminating noise, because giving individual noise reduction treatment to every (or many) single images eats time and energy which both can be used otherwise...

Anyway, thanks for sharing images and in camera jpeg image...


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