Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

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Re: Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

I'm afraid you've missed my point entirely.  The discussion about the 7D was an example, but if I must be blunt I'll be blunt.  It takes very little to make a camera either very useful or very useless.  In one example I used it was weight, but I also mentioned ISO noise and implied image quality by comparing a G1 X to a cheaper point and shoot.  Image quality being a function of lens, sensor, and various other factors (large sensor size allowing for more depth of field, good aperture shape creating more pleasing bokeh, etc.).  The RX100 loses on a few notes for me and those make all the difference in the world.  Everyone has very well defined, but very subtle, boundaries of requirements and preferences.  Those limits are so dramatic that any minor violation is unforgivable.  For some people focus speed is that criteria, and perhaps the RX100 satisfies the speed requirement for some.  The interface or even the articulating screen can be enough to push people in one direction or another.  Funny how something subtle can make the difference between always having the camera with you and never having it with you.  Even one stop of useful ISO can be a deal breaker.  If you must have an exposure of 1/30th of a second, but going to ISO 3200 to get it creates more noise than you find aesthetically acceptable, the camera is a glorified paper weight.

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