Issue with PW Mini TT1 & Flex TT5 and Nikon SB-910

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Re: Issue with PW Mini TT1 & Flex TT5 and Nikon SB-910

JMichael007 wrote:

Hi G,

The Flex system pretty well controls the remote flash, and as long as you set it to the "On" position (not Remote) and the mode is TTL, the PW system takes if from there, even if you want to make the flash fire in manual. You can't, to my knowledge, change it to TTL BL using PW's. I've actually never noticed the change in aperture that shows on the flash's screen (I have an SB-900), and I've never bothered with the ISO reading on the flash either because the PW's work with the camera to make sure the exposure is correct based on the ISO and aperture dialed in on the camera. I think all you need worry with is that the flash is in the On position and in TTL mode.

I see. Th reason I'm asking this is because I want to make sure that the flash exposure in TTL mode is actually taken into consideration the settings I chose in the camera. Thus when I saw that changing the ISO value in the camera doesn't cause a change in the ISO reading in the flash (when the flash is on the Flex TT5 off camera) I thought there may be some setting I'm missing or something is broken in the camera/flash/trigger.

If it shows FP on the flash, it may be because that function is enabled on your camera, or perhaps in the PW settings.

When the flash is sitting on the MiniTT1 on the camera the TTL BL mode appears in the flash and changes to the ISO/Aperture do show in the flash screen. That is why I thought there could be something wrong with the trigger and/or flash.

I double checked this and even when I set the flash sync speed in camera to something below 250s, ie. not Auto FP modes, the flash is still set to TTL FP.

I've checked the configuration of the trigger with the utility and even reset the flash to factory defaults but no luck.

Have you managed to do this? That is, use TTL BL when the flash is sitting on the Flex TT5 off camera?

Took me awhile to get used to the PW system, but I've found it to be very reliable once I had figured it out. I get very consistent exposures and have had virtually no failures with it.


Thanks for the help. Very much appreciated!


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