Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8D used vs. 16-35mm f/4G new

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Re: of course stopped down

... but if you live life stopped down, then that negates the purpose of buying a fast lens in the first place

I think the 16-35 is a great lens, and for those that are going to shoot at smaller apertures almost exclusively, then fast glass is a waste of money. Such is not the case for many wedding, fashion, glamour, portrait photographer however.

The difference between 14mm and 16mm (the wide ends of the respective zooms) become a bigger deal if you are really cramped for space. I find myself shooting in bathrooms a lot and an extra 2mm when I have myself crammed between a wall and a toilet just to get everything in the frame the way I want can come in handy.

Most modern lenses are really nice, despite perhaps lacking in a few areas here and there, modern lenses (even the consumer stuff) is pretty darn good. What makes the biggest difference is the photographers personal or professional need.

Nice shots and interesting processing!

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