What is this Iso magic?

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Re: What is this Iso magic?

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Careful what you guys say or someone will accuse you of being a member of a vast 24MP conspiracy like I was. I mean, using terms like "real world results" and "software" when they are well known 24MP fanboy buzzwords is sure to set off alarms around here.....

Funny, some folks (former forum user 123Mike for example) might make say that daring to even hint about 24MP chroma noise is tantamount to heresy and automatic mandate for drowning out the offender with plenty of acerbic rhetoric until he or she goes away.

Interesting that in the 'real world' with 'some software processing' some might not be able to tell the difference between say, a Samsung Galaxy Note and an A57. ...What does it all mean ´╗┐when you can reduce two images to indistinguishable renditions of the same scene? Tests and pixel peeping are clearly irrelevant. So are cameras more sophisticated than a cell phone, apparently.

Nice, and for your example that all cameras are the same after PP you use an image that a pinhole camera could have taken to make your point. Try taking portraits of people sitting 10 or so feet in front of a busy background and I'll tell you which photo came from a DSLR 10 times out of 10.

Those images were not heavily processed, resized to 2000x1450-ish. I wouldn't say that's 'pinhole' unless your argument is that you have a flair for hyperbole.

Again, my point is, where do you draw the line? Chroma noise mitigated if you fiddle with a RAW image enough? You see NO validity to comparing base equalized RAW prior to processing? Really?

Come on, man. I'm not talking heresy here.

You're not. The point I've maintained and continue to maintain in multiple posts is that drawing conclusions about one sensor taking better low light photos over another sensor based on which one shows more noise in controlled testing is no different than saying one sports car will win a race over another based on 0-60mph results.

While an impressive 0-60mph result will give you a reliable snapshot of the overall performance of a sports car, the one and only thing a 0-60 result guarantees for sports cars is which sports car can go from 0-60 faster than another, and, by the same token, while an impressive showing on an SNR graph gives you a reliable snapshot of the overall performance of a camera, all it truly guarantees is which camera takes a less noisy baseline high ISO photo than another.

You have already stated that each camera based on Sony's 24MP sensor treats the 0's and 1's coming off the sensor differently. Where we part and what I can't figure out about your position is that you're OK with a camera making changes to an image as it is processed and basing judgement from the result, but when I say other software packages like Lightroom can make better changes to an image than Sony can I'm labeled a member of the 24MP attack squad.

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