Yongnuo flashes on Pentax bodies with triggers/cables

Started Nov 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Ian J G Contributing Member • Posts: 677
Re: Yongnuo flashes on Pentax bodies with triggers/cables

Hi I think you could do it fine with a Yongnuo set up (low output for fast recuyclcing, and buy enough to work at that output, since they are cheap anyway)

My one word of advice is to try out your settings in place with the same light conditions; once you get the settings sorted it is easy enough, but you don't want to be trying to work it out and catch up while the action is happening. All the more so since it will be new equipment for you and you have to get a feel for it.

I have a few Yongnuos and I think they are good, but you have to practice to get manual right.

That and plenty of freshly charged batteries (I use eneloops and get a pretty good life out of them.).

Good luck


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