From NEX 7 to OMD EM5

Started Nov 2, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: From NEX 7 to OMD EM5

I switched from Nex 7 to OMD just a month ago, and never missed it.  Some personal thoughts:

1.) like others have pointed out, there are no good glass worthy of the Nex's 24mp besides the Zeiss 24mm

2.) you can't change the laws of physics, bigger sensor requires bigger lenses

3.) more high grade lenses with f2.8 has come out for m43 (12-35mm and 35-100mm), I just don't see it happening on the Nex, now or the future, especially given the size of the 35-100mm which is just 1/2 the weight and size of the regular 70-200mm

4.) Panasonic is working on a portable 150mm f2.8 giving you equivalent of 300mm, don't see it happening for Nex

5.) more third party lens manufacturers backing m43 (some notable ones including Schneider)

6.) ISO wise I think Nex7 and OMD is more or less the same once you downrez the Nex file, but that would be a waste of mp

7.) DOF control wise, the difference is not noticeable once you have those f1.8 lenses (e.g.: 75mm)

8.) I like OMD colors more but it's personal taste

9.) 5-axis IBIS kicks ass, both for stills and video

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