A77 vs A99 -- less noise and more detail for a lot of money

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Re: Stacking with Photoshop

Nordstjernen wrote:

I don't use the multi frame option of my A77, since i am doing this manually for maximum corntrol: Taking more exposures, normally 3 to 5, and then stack them with Photoshop.

Is the 5 exposures at various ISO(1600, 3200.......25600) also or just literally 5 various tv exposures(-2, -1, 0, +1, +2)?

Background layer: Opacity 100 %

Is the background layer the -2 or +2 exposure?

2. layer: Opacity 50 %

3. layer: Opacity 33 %

4. layer: Opacity 25 %

5. layer: Opasity 18 %

I want to do 7 layers, is this correct, 6. layer: Opacity 14 %.......12.5%?

This will smooth out noise and enhance detail.

There also is an automated choise for stacking photographs with Photoshop:

File > Scripts > Image Statisitcs

Mean and Median should work well.

You can even let Photoshop try to align the files if you shoot handheld, or the files for some other reason are not perfectly aligned.

Thanks for the input.

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