Which one is the least discussed 4/3 (AF) lens ?

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Re: Which one is the least discussed 4/3 (AF) lens ?

Thank you all for giving your opinion in this thread. Hurricane Sandy got me a bit side sidetracked, so I can comment on this one only today.

The reason I have posted this thread was to see how the different 4/3 lenses have "impacted" (in the sense of leaving a trace) this specific forum.

For example, for someone like me, who am in 4/3 since 2006 but have joined the forum in 2009, the most discussed lenses back in the time were the kit and mid tier Zuikos (like - south of $800 original price), and quite a bit of Sigmas. I actually do remember the Sigma 150mm being discussed here.

SHG lenses were almost not discussed back then, or at least - I didn't see them, as they were priced high and difficult to get second hand. The Panaleica 25mm 1.4 was quite popular in discussions as well.

Nowadays, or at least in these last months, there have been quite a few very, very high tier lenses discussed, such as the 300mm f2.8 and the 90-250mm f2.8. Maybe their owners just became active back again.

This thread was also useful for me to help me remember the 17.5-45mm Zuiko lens. I had actually totally forgotten it did exist

Which was a good thing, as I have one on the way to me right now (ebay was kind enough to cough one in my direction).

I also have a broken Sigma 30mm 1.4, which I consider an experiment, as it will allow me to judge whether Sigma repair service can be compared with Oly's repair service, which I commented in a different thread.

I am a bit of a gear nut, and have this thing of going through every 4/3 lens, good or bad, ever made. Of course, this will be impossible to do, as higher tier SHG lenses will never drop in my "justifiable purchase" price bracket, but that's a little bit of a hobby for me.

Some comments on some of the lenses discussed above, as they hold a pretty special place in my heart, for various reasons:

- The winning trio: 7-14mm, 12-60mm, 50-200mm SWD, plus the EC-14 and EC-20. Nothing to add to what everyone already knows. The most amazing combo, ever. Can't talk much about the 7-14mm yet, just got it. But I guess it won't be a disappointment.

- The forgotten one: Sigma 24mm f1.8. Simply an amazing lens. Funny enough - I used to have that one in Nikon mount with the D200, and when used with my E-X cameras via adapter - I was never too impressed. It did great on the Nikon though. Go figure. But once I got it in 4/3 mount it was a revelation. Excellent lens.

- The rare one: Sigma 135-400mm. Got one recently, loved it, but couldn't justify keeping it. 50-200mm SWD + EC-20 is simply better, and the results of the Sigma with the EC-20 just were not up to my expectations at 800mm (and who would use it at any other focal length )

- The relative disappointment: Panaleica 14-50mm 2.8-3.5. A great lens optically, and maybe one of the best looking lenses to put on a 4/3 camera. Doesn't extend as much when zooming as a 14-54mm or worse - 12-60mm. But it simply doesn't give anything over an inexpensive, weather sealed 14-54mm. Manual aperture ring works only on Panny cameras. So only reason for keeping it is to match it to that Panny L1 which I will find waiting for me some day

- The 14-45mm: An unlucky lens for me. I went through three of them (first one came in kit with my E-1, dropped on concrete and exploded in three separate parts. That's what forced me to get the Sigma 18-50mm 3.5-4.5 back then). I might have had bad ones, but all of them (except that first one I broke after a few days) were simply awful past 40mm, and nothing to write home about at other focal lengths. The "Made in Japan / Metal mount / Solid" legend is just that - a legend. The metal mount doesn't help when everything else is plastic. A 14-42mm drives in circles around a 14-45mm, at least - around the ones that got through my hands.

One other "there's a reason for my madness" criteria of mine is that I do a lot of night long exposure shots, and I care a lot about the shape of the stars that form around the light sources. This in itself can be a reason for me to love a lens a lot or not so much. I might publish some tests some day.

Thanks again for all your input.

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