Best Micro Four Thirds For the Buck

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More non-sense....

ttan98 wrote:

tedolf wrote:

in this thread. Here is the bottom line. With respect to all of the u 4/3 cameras, the most important element of image quality for most picture taking situations is the lens, not the sensor. The E-p1/2/3, E-pl1/2/3, E-pm1, GF1/2/3/5, G1/2 all have the same 12mp sensor; and of all those cameras the E-pl1 probably has the best IQ. It is also the cheapest at $150.00 body only. The new 16mp sensor will only out perform it, but only in extreme conditions. All these cameras focus reasonably fast with internal focusing lenses. The difference in AF speed among the 12mp sensored cameras using fast focusing lenses really isn't that important. So, to get the most bang for the buck, get the E-pl1 body only and dump the savings into good lenses. Tedolph

EPL1 has the slowest focus of the lot, furthermore it is difficult to focus in low light, and blurring at certain speed e.g. 1/60-1/80 for mine. If he can tolerate these short falls that's it fine, otherwise these deficiencies can be very frustrating, e.g. missing shots.

the E-pl1 does not focus demonstably slower than an G2 with an MSC lens.  The so called "bluring" you cite is an artifact of the Mark I/II 14-42mm kit lens, not the newer kit lens or any of the other u 4/3 lenses.  THat is why I suggest buying the E-pl1 body only and getting good lenses.   Focus ability in low light is primarily a funciton of the lens maximum aperture, not the body-unless you want to use a focus assist light which nobody does.   Tedolph

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