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Re: ok, here's where I am...

Gordon Ripley wrote:

Thanks for all the advice.

I'm wondering about why I would want the D90 over the D5100. Obviously one is better over the other but not sure which would be best. Also, while I have never owned a 18-105 VR or a 55-300 VR I have owned the 18-200 and have friends who love theirs.

Currently leaning towards D5100 plus the 18-200 VR II Cost at Adoram is $1096.95 with

free shipping.



Personally i would follow Thom Hogans advice ( others may have other opnions offcourse ) .

The 18-200 is a decent zoomlens as he says, but if you consider its cost and that in a someyears from now all the camerabodies will have standard 24 Mpix the remark from Thom Hogan will even be more valid QUOTE  "The 18-200mm and 18-300mm aren't as tack sharp as the others, especially on the high megapixel count bodies, plus their telephoto end reduces the closer you focus (common amongst superzooms). " UNQUOTE

IMO it is better for now to stay with the less expensive 18-105 kitlens and add a flash ( sb700, or

even the small sb400 ) for indoor photography and stay within the budget.


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