Teardown Service Manual 24-70 2.8 ?

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Re: Teardown Service Manual 24-70 2.8 ?

pentx4life wrote:

So you had the same issue?? what happened to the lens? did the material get corroded?

Thank you !


I was shooting  a honeymoon  couple at a beach wading in water maybe 1 foot and lost my footing with a wave. My Canon 1DmkII and 85L went into water (I was shooting Canon then).  I could see water in the lens.  Dried it off and a few hours latergot it to a shop.  By then it had dried a bit  and I was told I should have imediately placed it in fresh water and let it soak.  I guess the salt is the enemy and destroys all the electronics and motor, diaphragm blades, coating on the lens elements.  I was told it would be cheaper to buy a new one than to repair it.  If the salt dries then it is hopless. Haven't ever tried thi with Nikon equipment yet  

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