Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

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Re: Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

You've heard the difference between the right word and the wrong word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug?  Depending on your particular set of priorities, there is a very large difference between these two cameras.  It truly is the difference between getting the shot and not getting the shot.  And for photographers getting a shot that you want and missing it is on par with having a camera or not having one.  In other words, having a camera that won't get the shot you want means you might as well not even bother bringing a camera in the first place.  That is not hyperbole.  For example, shooting at night a few weeks ago I was getting tired of carrying around the 7D on a tripod.  I put everything away and then was prented with a shot that I wanted to get before I called it a night, so I put the G1 X on the tripod and got the shot.  The combination was so light and easy to carry I decided to make one more pass and got several more great shots.  Just the difference in weight gave me the energy to get some more great pictures.  There are many times that you might not even take a camera with you because some aspect of it bothers you.  "I'm going to a concert and I know I can't get a decent high ISO pic, so why bother."  Or, on the same note, "I want to take concert pics but they won't let me in with my 7D so I'm out of luck."  My G1 X has come with me on many occasions a cheap point and shoot would have stayed at home and also when my 7D would have been too cumbersome.  Getting the picture Vs. Not getting the picture = very big difference.

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