Inexpensive Flash Options for the YN-622C ETTL triggers.

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Re: *Lightweight* Flash Options for the YN-622C ETTL triggers.

Stevil wrote:

This is slightly OT, but one thing I love about the 622C is that it gives you the option of mounting a small flash for on-axis fill, rather than carrying around a top-heavy on-camera flash that you're only going to use at a fraction of its full power. The smaller Yongnuo flashes can easily shave a quarter pound off the weight of your kit. I just picked up a Canon 270EX II that weighs almost nothing, but it has great recycle times and HSS. By itself, the 270EX is fairly limited, but as a fill flash in conjunction with a larger off-camera flash, it is superb.

Thanks, yes the pass through hotshoe is really handy, not only for flash on camera, but I've also used it with an off camera shoe cord (TTL cord), and even just to mount other radio trigger Tx to combine those with the 622's. I even us the 622 just as a focus assist light with other manual triggers that don't have one -

I put a full review of the YN-622C up here as well if that may be of interest -

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