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Re: The end of K5 history?

viking79 wrote:

Bananasplit wrote:

K5 drops dramatically (839 euros including grip and bag), but more critics come out of the woods:

Were you meaning this as general commentary based on other Pentax user's posts, or is this personal complaints?

It is based on other people posts. My K5 is few months old and I hope not to get all these problems at once.

- The mechanics is not reliable: mirror locks up and you pay half of its price to repair it.

This is true with any camera today.

- The weather proof, so much advertised by some (paid) people around, is not true: dust and water gets inside the LCD screen. As a result a new screen is given to the KII/KIIs.

I shot with my K-7 in the rain several times with no issue. Gapless display is to reduce internal reflections and make the screen more visible. Not for any weather sealing purpose.

Just look at discussions on other websites as PF or Riceh... They have a different opinion.

- The K5 takes fast "great" but blurred pics as the the focus is not good. Pentax replaces safox IX by safox X.

Depends on what you mean by not good. I sold mine because of focusing in event halls/receptions, but still great for most other functions.

I have problems getting not blurred indoor pics while I get them with Canon. I prefer the result of the K5 when it is sharp on focus.

- There are a lot of available old lenses (M42) to use with it, but there is no adapter.

Adapters are available for about $8 US for a generic and about $30 for a genuine adapter.

Many generic do not get out of the camera, or hardly. Genuine is no more sold new. On the used ones, you find some fake pentax ones and I am not good to identify them.

You will let us know how well the IIs performs then.

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