What is this Iso magic?

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Re: What is this Iso magic?

theswede wrote:

Clever enough to know how many L's in salad, though.

If you're worried about my command of the language we can switch to another. My native language, perhaps? Or another one? Which language would you prefer we use, to ensure I won't accidentally add an L making my sentences obscure?

Thanks for posting what is one of the nastiest and least relevant things I've ever seen on DPR. If this were a real debate judged on factual analyses, I'd owe you a debt of gratitude. Instead, I just feel sorry for the people in your life that have to deal with such an abusive personality.

People in my life quickly learn that if they know of what they speak, I listen appreciatively, and if they don't, I won't.

Seems to work out pretty well.

And you know, nailing down the difference between the 16MP and 24MP sensor performance seems to me to be highly relevant not only to DPR but to this forum. Maybe you don't agree, and that's your prerogative, but I suspect a lot of people new to SLT's learn a thing or two from these exchanges.

If a few people take home that RAW converter "default settings" does not mean "carefully adjusted baseline to compare from" but rather "what happened to be there when we released it with zero regard to use for baseline comparisons", that's a big win right there. That seems to be something few people know and more people need to know. Anyone treating "default settings" as some kind of magic sauce removing all variables needs to learn the error of that thinking.

Tack för diskussionen.


Jesper, you've just stated what is perhaps the crux of this whole argument, and that is while comparisons of camera sensors using default RAW convertor settings is certainly important, it should not be treated as the gold standard as some here claim. The simple reason for this shows up in the very tests they use to prove their point. Take the DxOMark SNR test for instance where the A65 and A77 show different results, and the NEX-7 and Nikon D3200 show different results. Since all four cameras share the same physical sensor, and if you accept that DxO took all other environmental variables out of the equation, the only way to explain the different scores is software.

From there it just becomes a question of who's software you use to convert your RAW images to JPEG. If you use Sony then bravo, you've put your faith into a hardware producer and those DxOMark scores mean something to you because Sony's software keeps you confined to the narrow band within those scores. If you use companies like Adobe whose livelihood depends on the software they produce then bravo, you've put your faith into software that allows you to break free of those DxOMark scores.

Neither choice is the "right" one and both have their respective merits, but to me what has become fruitless is convincing Sensibill of that because any time you try he thinks you are insulting his camera.

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