Sales of the Sony A99

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Re: Sales of the Sony A99

remylebeau wrote:

I noticed similar at the Henry's expo here last month, though I think that has more to do with demographic and timing. At this point those in the market for a $3000 Full Frame know all about the a99, and have pretty much made their decisions and done the testing. Where as those in the market for NEX or Cropped Sensors and in the $1500 or less range, are likely to want to try the myriad of choices before making a purchase.

I'm not sure if you're saying they've made their decisions because the A99 has been out longer or because buyers tend to already be locked into systems ... I definitely think the latter is the case (something that's been an enormous challenge for Sony since day 1 and something that I think they hoped the SLT design would address).

I wouldn't have the slightest clue as to whether the SLTs are underselling based on Sony's forecasts (though I'm sure they would have liked a busier booth at the Expo).  I don't think the A99 was ever going to make massive inroads in market share simply because it has an EVF or can do PDAF during video or any other unique feature.  Baby steps   But I'm curious to see what plays out in the future due to the compatibility between NEX & Alpha, with the LA-EA2 offering NEX users an Alpha experience with A mount lenses, and the new FF VG900 camcorder that uses Alpha lenses ... will Sony end up selling Alpha lenses and maybe even the occasional body or two to people who had no intention of buying them, but end up wanting to expand their NEX kit capabilities ?

- Dennis

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