1DX or switch to Nikon?

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Re: 1DX or switch to Nikon?

Chris J R wrote:

I'm not a Canon or Nikon fanboy by any means but I've been using Canon 1d3's for the last few years and I'm desperately in need of updating my equipment. My bodies are getting a bit knackered (things are starting to not work) and my lenses are looking a bit rough.

Lenses are "looking" rough, or performing poorly?  I wouldn't worry about what the lenses look like as long as they work

I shoot professionally day-in-day-out and often in pretty miserable conditions (I live in Scotland after all!) so I'm in a quandary about what to do with my equipment.

Unless Nikon offers a very specific advantage that you can use in your photography, just stay put.

On one side the 1DX looks really ideal but I am a little tired of carrying around pro equipment every day but as I said I work in really wet conditions a lot of the time. On the other side I quite fancy switching to the Nikon D4 but am probably more interested in a D800.

The D4 is a heavy pro body just like what you've been shooting with, so if you want a lighter load...

The D800 is a camera that you either you need or don't need (and just lust after).  Do you need the resolution?  or not?

First question, would you say the D800's are fairly robust, meaning can they take a soaking every day. How do the ISO's up to say 6400 compare? Is the 1DX significantly cleaner than the D800?

Useable high iso range is pretty much the same with all the bodies costing several thousand dollars.  Meaning, the difference (at iso setting that you'd most likely use for any paid work) is more academic than practical.   The 1Dx and D800 are so different that I'd wonder why you'd consider one over the other?  Like trying to decide between a Ferrari and a lavishly appointed corporate bus.  Do you want to go fast or haul a load?

I shoot a lot of weddings in often really dark venues but don't really foresee shooting about 6400 that often.

If you focus mostly on the ceremony type shots, then I'd go with the 1Dx.  If your professional focus is mostly on the pre-wedding and bridal photography (photographing the bride in her wedding dress on location, etc.), then I'd opt for the higher resolution D800e

Has anyone switched from say a 1D body to using a D4/D800? How was the experience?

I started using the 5d2 when I was mostly shooting pro body Nikons.  I still shoot both.  The transition wasn't an issue at all.  I think it would be the same for most people going either way.  It's no different than buying a new car-  somethings are different but the basics are the same.

People mention Canon's line of lenses, but most photographers can easily find what with Nikon lenses.  Weddings typically use a macro, 24-70, 70-200, 16-35, and sometimes a fast portrait lens (e.g. 85mm).  Generally, those lenses are what cover the basics of all wedding photography, and the basic equivalent can be found in the Nikon line up.

Not looking to start a Canon vs Nikon war but I'm looking for some opinions. Stick with Canon or go to Nikon and heavily invest in Nkon?

I'd also look at the 24mp D600.  I'd definitely skip the D4 as it's not going to give you the over all advantage that a 5d3 (poorly weather sealed?) would.

Here's what I consider reasonable options:

1)  send my erratic acting pro bodies to Canon and get the fixed for much less than buying a new camera.  (if I was most concerned about cost)  You will however get better iso performance from the newer cameras than the older Canon 1d3 bodies.

2) get a 5d3  (** best option if I didn't have to worry about the camera getting soaked)

3) get a 1dx  (** best option if I did the bulk of my work in poor weather)

4) get the D800e (if wedding portraits & bridals were the thrust of wedding photography) ... and I couldn't wait for Canon to come out with at least a 36mp body.

I'd surely skip the D4, when throwing lenses into the equation, it doesn't offer any benefit over the 1Dx, and will cost more in the long run (D4 plus purchase of fast lenses).

It makes the most business sense if you stay with Canon.

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