What comes next for DX - part II

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Re: Next for DX

exactly people in this class buy more lens, not a all in one like most people i know with D3100 or D5100 with their 18-200 or 18-105. one prime they may have 35 f1.8

ppl in this class have wide angle zoom, telephoto zoom and at least  a 35 or 50 prime.

We also buy flashes that are at least the sb700

Nikon has abandoned this class for so long it seems on paper to not sell when it's all because the camera is long overdue

i'm hoping that they don't think people are going to keep buying cameras as a new one comes out.

As in i get tired of waiting so i get D600  then OMG a D7100 so i sell d600 and run out to buy this camera since it more aligns with what i wanted in the first place

then D400 comes out OMG i got to get it. the camera i really wanted.

Nikon should have stuck to what they did in the FX class more expensive camera comes first. Cheaper after

the way they plan to release cameras as per rumour makes no sense with cheaper ones first in Dx class

from this timeline we see

D300 out in 2007

D300s out in 2009

2011-12 is now over. Nikon needs to see that this camera is eagerly anticipated

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