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Re: The end of K5 history?

Bananasplit wrote:

K5 drops dramatically (839 euros including grip and bag), but more critics come out of the woods:

- The mechanics is not reliable: mirror locks up and you pay half of its price to repair it.

- The weather proof, so much advertised by some (paid) people around, is not true: dust and water gets inside the LCD screen. As a result a new screen is given to the KII/KIIs.

- The K5 takes fast "great" but blurred pics as the the focus is not good. Pentax replaces safox IX by safox X.

- There are a lot of available old lenses (M42) to use with it, but there is no adapter.

So, what next?

when I bought my first k5 it was stained sensor then I replaced it many times /4 copies/ but never hesitated that pentax produced a wondeful my k5 is about 16 monthes and I intend to buy another one or the k5IIs.

these tools are digital and susceptible to defect .

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