What comes next for DX - part II

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Re: Sure but...

i think the D7000 is akin to the   canon D60(unless this camera operates in it's own class)

D300s was eclipsed by the arrival of the 7D.

Time for Nikon to wake up and give us this camera that is long overdue.

D5200 coming out already when people waiting on the top of the line D400.

i actually believe that initial sales for D400 (if properly featured) will outsell the  D5200 because of how many people are awaiting this camera.  in the long run the cheaper camera will sell more but in the immediate now the D400 is what Nikon needs to shell out.

i mean the D5100 basically only came out like last year.

Nikon following canon and their stupid iteration each year in the rebel class (400D-600D).

Nikon We people in this forum want some justice!

think we are ones also that own more than 1.4 lens

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