2012 Monthly Mirrorless Sales Figures in Japan (%)

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Sergey Borachev Veteran Member • Posts: 3,772
2012 Monthly Mirrorless Sales Figures in Japan (%)

% of Japan market share from January to October 2012, based on BCN "over the counter" unit sales data.

No.1 for most of the year is Olympus.

No. 2, up until August (brown line) is Panasonic. A long decline since May and still trending down.

No. 3, but No. 2 from August, is Sony.

No. 4, Nikon

No. 5 for most of the year, Pentax. There are actually people buying Pentax MILCs in Japan!

Fuji remains near 0% since its launch in April.

Canon (red line) is gaining rapidly, reaching 9.2% in October.

M43 combined accounts for 50% or more until September.

The link for Japanese website with this chart was provided by RiceHigh in his Pentax blog,(http://ricehigh.blogspot.com/)


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