Petition DPreview to remove the ThumbsDown!

Started Oct 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Daniel74 wrote:

Hi Louis, I think you can bring the previous formatting back by clicking "Expanded" next to View Mode, if I understood you correctly.

I agree that the "like" is somewhat childish, and browsing the forum I find post and photos with few likes that I like very much. Perhaps they are likely by people who don't like to give "likes", like me?

At any rate, ThumbsDown was really a feast for the trolls and the grumps. I am glad it is gone. If anyone is moved to criticise (I for one would be very interested) - I hope they can do it in words and do it constructively.

We had it in "Collapsed" mode too till a couple of days ago as we always had it in the past! For instance, I am responding to you and put your name in the title area. So when you open this thread and see your name, you know I responded to you. But now, you don't see your name (until you open the message)  and can only see who responded, but not to who he responded!... Confusing!

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