What happened to the "thumbs down"?

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Who reads label icons?

peweuk wrote:

Everyone in this thread is talking as if they have missed the point of the 'revised' action.

The general consensus seems to be that clicking the icon is 'voting positively' in agreement with the thread content - BUT - the icon label clearly asks 'Was this post helpful'.
New people to the forum will use it for this purpose, existing forum users just have to adjust their thinking and forget the original 'Like/Dislike' options.

What makes you think people wil even read what it means?

People are very used to thumbs up meaning "like" as in Facebook. Which of course has a thumbs down option as well for its content.

DPR can't reinvent the concept to their convenience and expect it work as they think it should when the idea has a long established meaning on the Internet.

There is now no way to show agreement or disagreement for post content other than to post a reply to that effect.

There is a difference between disliking something and disagreeing with it.

Had we still had it here I would not have "disliked" your post I am replying to because there is nothing wrong with having a sensible opinion.  Thumbs down wasn't a lazy way of disagreeing with anything but rather a way to highlight "bad" posts.

It seemed to work rather well that the trolls soon gave up.

Anyway the way to kill the trolls isn't to remove mechanisms they may abuse but to remove the trolls.  Moderation is the only way to do it properly.

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