Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8D used vs. 16-35mm f/4G new

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Teila Day
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Re: Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8D used vs. 16-35mm f/4G new

Mac wrote:

Nice post with good analysis. Still, except for control of DOF, I just don't believe the extra stop in lens speed is as critical now given the tools we have today. I can remember when using ISO 400 color film was "high speed" and represented a genuine compromise in IQ. I have shot my share of Kodachrome 25 (and Ektochrome 64) handheld when every bit of lens speed mattered. I can hardly imagine working with those limitations now.

Chuckled over the "toss her flowers (or cookies..." analogy. Having shot a few weddings, right on target though never saw it happen!

Mac, isn't it amazing the capabilities that exist today compared to way back when?  Who would've thought back in the 1980's that we'd be able to shoot *routinely* at 3200 in colour without thinking twice.  I'm eager to see the day when 6400 iso becomes my new limit "for anytime use".

High iso capabilities today definitely give a lot of options, thus making an f4 lens a viable and less costly alternative for many photographers.

I hope I'm around to see what's available 50 years from now.

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