'On digital! Da* 300 is better than Fa*' he said.

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Re: 'On digital! Da* 300 is better than Fa*' he said.

I own a used FA*300, and I have mixed feelings about it. The AF does show a strange behaviour in my case with a K5. NOT with a K-r. So I do not know, what the problem is here. Just thought i'd share my experiences. It sometimes hunts (in a very very very very small range), but nevertheless... It is lighter, cheaper, than the DA* and it can be used in AF with various teleconverters (search for brandrx' & greyser' posts)

btw. how much does he want for the lens? I bought mine for 650€ one year ago, and 2month ago, one of theses lenses went in ebay for about 605€.

how much does he want for the FA*85? and where do you live? Maybe I'm interested...

Regards, Kevin

But, regarding optical quality.... how much better can it get? All shots taken in Iceland. (K5&FA*300)

kaedepics wrote:

Recently I have decided to buy a lens in the 200mm to 300mm region and today went to look at an Fa*300 f4.5 which is reported to be a very good lens. It is about 40% less in price than a Da*300 f4. The lens is in good condition. No marks on the glass that I could see. Smaller and lighter than I expected. When I said I was thinking of getting it instead of the Da*300 he said 'On digital! Da* 300 better than Fa*' Now I am not so sure about buying it.

Is the Da* that much better?

On a side note this second hand shop has lots of desirable old pentax lenses. A15mm/f3.5, Fa*80-200/f2.8, Fa*85/1.4, K200/2.5, K30/f2.8 to name a few.

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