Best Micro Four Thirds For the Buck

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Re: Best Micro Four Thirds For the Buck

Randyflycaster wrote:

I presently have the XZ-1. I'm thinking of buying a camera that I can use with a telephoto zoom lens.

(The lighter the camera the better.)

What Micro Four Thirds would be the best bang for the buck? I'm looking at the Pl1 and the Pm1, for example, but I'm confused.

Having a built-in flash is something I could live without.


Reading the OP's requirements,

1) use with telephoto zooms; did not specify legacy or u43 system lenses. As cost is a factor, I would assume legacy.

2) does not require built in flash

I would go with the Olympus EP2 with the EVF-2. Cameta Camera has the EP2 body, battery, and charger for $200, new in box. The EP2 has 1/4000th shutter speed, handy for long lenses. I use a Nikkor 300/4.5 on my EP2 without problems, and Nikkor 80~200/4.5 is also a good choice. The one I use was $20. The Electronic Viewfinder is a must, as you will use a long lens at eye-level.

I bought the EPL1 for documentation of camera projects, and "grab shots". It is a good complement to the EP2. But for long-lens work, the EP2 has the edge because of the top end shutter speed. Same reason I keep the M8 after getting an M9.

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