NEX jpg processing: why so bad?

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Re: NEX jpg processing: why so bad?

Writing as someone who used to be very critical of Sonys Jpegs I must comment that in my opinion they have improved considerably lately. When I first got my NEX 7 I expected to be disappointed in the Jpegs but instead I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were.

You don`t say how you are using the Jpeg settings ?  Are you just using basic default settings ? , if so then you are missing out on the considerable range of features which can be used to modify & improve Jpegs. Of course some will argue that if you are gong to take this approach then you might as well just use RAW & make these adjustments in PP. While I have some sympathy with this view you are ignoring the lengths which Sony have gone to in providing a very versatile range of adjustments which can be used to ensure that Jpegs turn out right , in line with your tastes.

This capability is enhanced by the ability to judge the effectiveness of any changes in settings on the LCD/EVF before you shoot & with practice & experince this can reduce or eliminate any need for further processing off-camera.

Changes which can be made include adjustments to exposure compensation , sharpness, contrast, colour saturation , WB as well as the selection of specific presets such as Landxcape etc & the curve presets such as DEEP . CLEAR & so on. Learning what these settings can do takes time & some trial & error but the effort is worthwhile. I hope that you will persist as the effort will reap dividends in the form of excellent photos

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