Nikon EX system: Any chance?

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Nikon EX system: Any chance?

What do you think of this?

  • J1/J2 style camera E1, E2,..
  • NEX7 style camera E100, E200,..
  • DSLR style camera E3300 sharing components with its mirrorless F-mount twin D3300
  • new EX lens mount
  • APS sensor size
  • Nikon 1 mirrorless technology
  • Standard F-system flashes
  • FT2 Adapter to use F-mount lenses on the EX-system
  • FT3 adapter to use EX-mount lenses on the 1-system
  • 18/2.8 EX Nikkor
  • 35/1.8 EX Nikkor
  • 55/1.4 EX Nikkor
  • 85/3.5 VR EX Micro-Nikkor
  • 10-24 EX Nikkor
  • 18-55 VR EX Nikkor
  • 18-200 VR EX Nikkor
  • 55-200 VR EX Nikkor

The system will neither replace the F-mount system nor the 1 system, but share parts and technology with both. High compatibility between all three systems (full continuos AF!):

  • FX/DX lenses on EX cameras 
  • FX/DX lenses on 1 cameras
  • EX lenses on 1 cameras

The same mirrorless technology will be also used for F-mount cameras such as the D5x00, D7x00. IMO this would secure Nikons future as a leading camera maker for a very long time.


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