Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

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Re: Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

hifly wrote:

Hi there, can you please give us a comparison of a typical 'superfine' jpeg file size on the G15 and compare it to a superfine jpeg on the G9.

If you take two identical pictures at 12 mp on each camera, or more straightforwardly you can see on the display how many pics a memory card will take on each camera.

That is, I would like to know if the superfine file sizes are similar. i.e. have Canon actually re-instated the same (lower) level of compression as on the G9. Or have they just re-named fine as superfine.

I will try to get the same picture using both settings (but not in Auto, as you can't set it in there)... but you can imagine the difference is pretty big  when we are talking about almost double the size (specially for pixel peepers or crop guys).

The Super Fine JPEG i've done on G15 are arround 3.5-4.5MB, while the Fine JPEG's are arround 2-4MB. I guess Canon is using a different compression technique, as all my old G9 JPEG's are over 4MB (most of them are arround 7-8MB - i even saw 9.2MB). And they have the same sensor size and resolution!

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