Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

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Re: Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

joharis wrote:

Alfamonk wrote:

Yes, i have read the manual. And in the manual, it's not saying anything about the fact that you can't set the Superfine (or Fine) in Auto Mode, like every other G model does.

Now, if you do read it better than i did, can you tell me where should i setup Superfine in Auto Mode? If you can't, why bother posting?

As always in the manuals for G cameras you will find at the end of the manual a table with the possibilities in different settings. There you will find that in Auto some settings are not available or are set automatically.

Thanks. Found the Fine & Super Fine in the table. Unfortunatelly, Superfine is not available in Auto mode. And that's just, lame.

How about the Continuous File Numbering? Do i suppose to leave the last file each time so that G15 could continue numbering? I never had to do that on the old G cameras. It should just continue where it was left off...

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